domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Arduino Acelerometro

Below is the source code for Arduino with an accelerometer
displaying the serial display data

long ant,des;
int contador=0;
float vueltas=0;
float rpm=0;
signed int ve=0;
signed int ve1=0;
void setup(void)
 attachInterrupt(0, conta, RISING );
  void conta()
void loop(void)
 Serial.print("pulsos= ");
 Serial.print("   Vueltas del eje= ");
 Serial.print("   rps= ");
 Serial.print("   rpm= ");
 Serial.println("Revolucion de la flecha");

domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

analog to digital pyrometer

analog to digital pyrometer

the analog pyrometer is still used because of its accuracy but with the passage of time is becoming obsolete, that is by its disadvantages as human error and maintenance.

the question is can you do?
are working on how to convert this application, wait for upcoming news and results 

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012


A pyrometer, a device capable of measuring the temperature of a substance without being in contact with it.
in this blog was started with the innovation of a digital pyrometer, replacing the analog,with the contribution or donation for the project 

Calculation of line of action of the involute and interference


D₁= 2˝ D₂=5˝
 r₁=1˝  r₂= 2.5˝  Φ=20°  p=8
a=1/p     a=1/8˝
R₀₁= r+a=1+1/8=1.125;  Rь₁= r cos φ= 1*cos*20°=0.9396 
R₀₂= r+a=2.5+1/8=2.625;   Rь₂= r cos φ= 2.5*cos*20°=2.34
C= r₁+ r₂  C= 1+2.5 C=3.5
Z= 0.6186 + 1.17 – 1.197;  Z= 0.5916 contact length      

                                                                                             Pь= 0.368

                                                              mρ= 1.6 relationship of contact 
To prevent interference

So there is no interference and can engage the spur gear (N ₂) to the pinion (N ₁) are the formulation development. The said case is required as a minimum of 26 teeth formeshing interference will not occur as long as the count pinion teeth 16.