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Calculation of line of action of the involute and interference


D₁= 2˝ D₂=5˝
 r₁=1˝  r₂= 2.5˝  Φ=20°  p=8
a=1/p     a=1/8˝
R₀₁= r+a=1+1/8=1.125;  Rь₁= r cos φ= 1*cos*20°=0.9396 
R₀₂= r+a=2.5+1/8=2.625;   Rь₂= r cos φ= 2.5*cos*20°=2.34
C= r₁+ r₂  C= 1+2.5 C=3.5
Z= 0.6186 + 1.17 – 1.197;  Z= 0.5916 contact length      

                                                                                             Pь= 0.368

                                                              mρ= 1.6 relationship of contact 
To prevent interference

So there is no interference and can engage the spur gear (N ₂) to the pinion (N ₁) are the formulation development. The said case is required as a minimum of 26 teeth formeshing interference will not occur as long as the count pinion teeth 16. 

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